4 Steps to Package Management with Sitecore Powershell Extensions

Did you know there is a feature in SPE (Sitecore Powershell Extensions) where you can create your own Sitecore packages from the content item without leaving the Content Editor? What is even better is you can choose to get related items to that content item that you are packaging up for another environment. What is even better BETTER than that is that you need only simple Content Editor permissions to do this not the all encompassing Admin access we all know and love. Hence, Developers with limited access can create these packages not having Admin access in upper level environments as needed for your development team!

In this example we are going to create a package based on the About Us item and it’s related data templates that support it with the media also that it needs for an upper environment. For instance, we want to create this package from Local / DEV to install on QA or simply send to another developer to see what you are working on.

Step 1: Start New Package

Run the Start New Package Script

Run the Start New Package Script on About Us

Step 2: Add Tree to Package

Add Tree to Package

Choose Add Tree to Package for your Content item

Step 3: Choose Options via Installations Options Dialog Box

Now for the great part that Sitecore SXA developers will love! You don’t have to remember where all the data is living in Sitecore any longer with SXA packaging. You just need to choose the correct options in this dialog box and SXA will pick it up for you and place in the package! Use this dialog box to manipulate your package as needed. Below are the options:

Installations Options Dialog Box

Installations Options Dialog Box

Items to Include in Package Options

Items to Include in Package Options

For this example, I choose “Roots and descendants” to gather up all my data sources that are local that Content item as seen above.

Installation Options Drop-Down

Installation Options Drop-Down

For this example, I choose Overwrite so I can overwrite the legacy items as seen above. This can be modified depending on the situation and environment so use it accordingly.

Lastly, I know that my Templates, Workflows, and Layouts are in source control and synced via Unicorn, so I only need to choose the “Include Media” option.

Final Installations Options

Final Installations Options

Step 4: Download Package

Here is the interesting part, when you click on “OK”, the script will run but you will not get any feedback as to what you just did. Let me help you, just click on the same item, in this case “About Us” and when you navigate the fly-outs to the same place where you started a new package you will now have some other options as seen below where you can now “Download Package”:

Download the Current Package

Download the Current Package

Once this package is in place for that item you can modify at will as well using the many options. Sitecore developers rejoice as the world of development gets a little easier and more streamlined every day with SPE your friendly Sitecore Powershell Extensions module!

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