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Sitecore Sandbox Reviews

Sitecore Sandbox Video Reviews Introduction

In an effort to help out all the developers in the Sitecore Community, I have created a channel on YouTube that is dedicated to essentially putting Sitecore things and stuff in the Sitecore Sandbox for review and then sharing with the community! This way we all can benefit from the review.

What is it that will be reviewed?

Anything that is related to Sitecore that will make our daily development a more productive enjoyable experience. Typically, we will review modules in the Sitecore Marketplace, Accelerators, or even just features in Sitecore Launchpad. In either case, I am sure we will unlock some more tools that can be added to your toolbox, and help us all reach our true Sitecore potential.

The videos will ONLY be targeted at being 3-5 minutes in length so they will be something you can watch very quickly. In addition, they will be broken down into series. For instance, if we are reviewing the Sitecore Instance Manager features, we will break it down to one feature per video.

Make sure you subscribe and pass on to your fellow developers, and you will be alerted when new videos are out: